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is a new way for anyone to
compare universities from all around the world –
matching like with like,
allowing you to see what they’re best at.

Readymade rankings

For your convenience, we’ve created a selection of rankings by choosing the settings for you to allow you to see which universities are performing best in different areas.

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New Readymade Rankings | International Orientation

This month U-Multirank published a new set of  readymade rankings at the institutional level and at the level of four academic fields. These new rankings concentrate on international orientation. We define internationalisation in higher education as co-operation between higher education institutions across the borders of nation states in their teaching, research and/or service functions… more.

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Professor Dr. Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector, University of Oslo

“…Having gone through the information provided by U-Multirank we find that this ranking may prove useful in the institutions’ ongoing efforts to strengthen the quality of education as well as research. Through comparisons with other institutions, universities and colleges can identify their strengths and weaknesses and thus use their resources more efficiently. For the University of Oslo the ranking shows that we must improve graduation rates at the bachelor and master levels. Additional resources are now invested towards this end. The ranking effects changes… By avoiding composite indicators and weighting, U-Multirank does not provide any league table but rather caters to the needs of the institutions.”

For more on the University of Oslo, check out their University Spotlight, here.

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Professor Dr. Volker Linneweber, President, Saarland University

“Saarland University happily participates in U-Multirank, as it provides a unique overview of the global higher education system and therefore opens up opportunities for benchmarking based on the results. The data published not only gives further insight into our strengths, but also points to areas in which our university can potentially build, both at the central and technical levels. We use the results for our internal quality management allowing us to further develop a high quality of study programmes. Thus, we find U-Multirank meaningful and significant for us.”

For more on Saarland University, check out their University Spotlight, here.

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Stefan Jahnke, President of the Erasmus Student Network

“Through U-Multirank it is possible for the first time to truly compare higher education institutions with each other according to different aspects. For the Erasmus Student Network it is very important to compare not only research outcomes but also to have a look at the international perspective of institutions. We fully support the U-Multirank project and believe it will benefit students greatly in choosing institutions for their studies.”



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