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helps you compare universities
around the world – matching like with like
and seeing what each is best at.

Readymade rankings

For your convenience, we’ve created a selection of rankings by choosing the settings for you to allow you to see which universities are performing best in different areas.

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U-Multirank 2015 Edition | Now Online

U-Multirank’s 2015 Edition is now online! Check out our 2015 launch interview, with joint project leaders, Professor Frank Ziegele of the CHE and Professor Dr. Frans van Vught of CHEPS, and learn all about what U-Multirank is, who it’s for and why it was created.

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Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports

“U-Multirank has once again shown its added value. High-performing universities are crucial for Europe’s return to economic growth, for educating young people to face the future with confidence and for injecting knowledge and innovation into our societies. I am very pleased that with the seed-funding for U-Multirank from the Erasmus+ programme, the EU is helping to bring new transparency to how universities perform so students can make well-informed study choices and universities can build on their strengths.”

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Eva Egron-Polak, Secretary General of the International Association of Universities

“The IAU welcomes U-Multirank as a new tool for comparing institutions of higher education, less biased by reputation and prestige and better adapted to the diversity in the sector.  Using a multiplicity of indicators it offers users the possibility to choose only those that are of importance to them when comparing institutions. With its promise to improve each year by adding information on new indicators it has real potential for drawing new comparisons among participating HEIs.”



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All the jargon and terminology explained: what it all means in plain and simple terms.



Descriptions of the different measures and features assessed by U-Multirank’s research.